And then I tried Yoga (again)

It’s not that I didn’t try it before, you know. But somehow my first attempts were not successful enough to keep me going. Even though I was thinking about it pretty often, I never got my ass up to find the place or occasion why I would do it regularly.

Then, after this last crazy year and starting my new job, I realized, that it might be time to really finally start this project. Some friends of mine already told me several times that it might be a good thing for me, and to be honest, I also had started an online research for studios in my hometown. But yeah, sometimes there needs to be a certain kick off factor.

For me this was the point where I started to restructure my sports schedule some weeks ago. I realized, that instead of stressing me too much with keeping my sports activities as high as at home while being on business trips, I started to be active way more than before when I was at home. I suddenly had so much more fun and squeezing in the one or another short morning run when I’m on a trip is also easier for me now because I am way more motivated. So I wanted another element in my schedule.

I realized, that I am often exhausted after a week of traveling for the job, so I needed something to bring back my focus and gets me down. I don’t want to have these highs with super active work times on the road and then a low in the office or at the weekend at home. I felt seizing my relax evening for some special me-time instead of sleeping just in front of the tv might also be a good idea.

Another reason for starting was my knee. It still is a never ending up and down and I think everything that could help is important. And hey – working on your deep muscles is definitely important for any kind of injury prevention and getting flexible again.

Of course I was also inspired by the bloggers I follow, somehow they seemed to be super relaxed all the time. So I started a call for recommendations on Facebook, and I got some from my friends indeed. I looked up the addresses and found one, where I instantly had a good feeling. Two days later we had an appointment for last Thursday in her evening yoga class. For me it was important that she didn’t seem to be a mega hippie and also as a person motivating and happy. Because yes, I also tried yoga apps but deleted them soon. There was just no motivation and I think also the environment and persons are important for me to really do it. I also decided for this place because the style of Hatha Yoga seemed the right one for me – since I also want to take some things with me I can use where ever I am. And because obviously us humans need to breathe, a style where you focus a lot on breathing and getting strength through this, it seemed logic to me that I should try this.

The lesson took place in a very small yoga studio in the middle of my hometown Linz. Right at the moment I entered the place I felt at home. Everything is simple but cosy and yeah! no strange smelling candles and stuff :-) Alex welcomed me and introduced me to the things the four of us would do. I immediately felt relaxed and was super curious to try that thing. During the next hour I fought my personal battle with breathing right (holy shit, this can be complicated when you are used to rush through your life), doing the moves (well they weren’t that difficult but I soon discovered my weak points) and letting go. It was amazing to see what is possible right at the first time. And shocking at the same time, because whenever I thought ok, my lungs are full of air and yes I am totally stretched – ha! Wrong. We all are super stiff and crumpled and I could stretch some millimeters more every time I repeated a move. And strangely, despite my usual sports program where there is always a lot of power and force involved, everything happened super soft and easy.

Afterwards we had a little chat all together and yes I will be back next week. It just feels right. I think I will also find some time for practice at home or when I am traveling, as soon as I know some of the moves better. And if is just some minutes of relaxation, refocus and breathing, it will definitely be good for me. Maybe I’ll try some of those Yoga apps, just to have some assistance everywhere. I think I will also try other yoga styles to have some variation, but in general, I want to use it to relax and come down, so yes, Hatha is already a good direction for me. I’m really looking forward to the next lessions and to discover more :-)

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