Let’s march into spring

So this was March. Hell, this month passed by so fast! There was so much to do, so much to see and so many spots to travel to, a week was nothing!

Finally spring is here. Almost early summer I would say because we have amazing 20 degrees for several days now. Basically we jumped from the warm jacket to short sleeves within a few days. Running, cycling, everything with shorts – I already made to bike tours, I was never that early before. Ah and concerning jumping – last week I made the first official season jumps at the pink skyvan boogie in Zell am See. My new canopy is great, but hey, still I was nervous before my first opening. I had awesome jumps with the Red Bull Skydive Team and some others. As every time, many well known and some nice new faces. It felt good to be back. In April our own plane will be back at Wels, so yes, finally I can jump “at home”. Hopefully this season will be better than the last one. I hope to see many guys from the last months again, somewhere on boogies, or in Wels.

In the evening I had to leave for one of the highlights of last month. We had the big Weber Winter BBQ with Johann Lafer in Schladming in a wonderful skiing hat in the Styrian mountains. We grilled with 300 people in the sun, it was a great experience. Workwise it’s getting busier and I again traveled a lot. I must admit, it feels good to be in Austria until Eastern, because I long for some daily routine. Some people might think it’s boring, but hey, after cancelled flights, long hours in a plane and in the train and many hotel rooms, going into my own office every day sounds wonderful to me. What I really love is the cooperation and contact with our chefs in the Grill Academy location, even though of course there is a lot to do.

I really enjoyed my strolls over the farmer’s market as often as possible and already planned my video schedule on the dz the way I can keep up with it. Especially because now the really really awesome local stuff starts coming and I love to cook with it and experiment with new, homemade recipes.

In April, we will spend some days in the mountains of Tyrol for our spring meeting at work. Maybe I will be going to Vorarlberg for some jumping at Eastern, but this depends how the family holidays will take place. Frankfurt, Berlin is waiting, and I think about spending the weekend after the meeting in Berlin to catch up with some old friends and enjoy the city a bit more than just the meeting rooms, dinner and the airport.

The easter holidays will be a lovely break before the busy days of May will start. I really have to watch out that I don’t take to many things on my list, because even though traveling and working and being on the road privately is awesome, I really need some time for me and myself to relax. Setting priorities works fine now, but I think I have to get rid of my everlasting bad conscience, when I just enjoy a day doing nothing.

I should start making plans for my Bali trip and as well look for some shorter trips over some holidays, but hey, since life is always good for surprises, no worries and no rush!

Actually, almost everything is working well now. Some things can be improved, but I really feel like my life is good. It has been long enough where I was always missing too many things, but now I am clear with myself and enjoy life. There might be some add ons or toppings that would make it even better, but isn’t that great?


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