Bulgarian Schopska Salad

Yes! Spring is finally here! Or let’s say almost early summer, if you take a look on the temperatures. And with the rising temperatures, salads get more and more attractive as quick and light eats.

Years and years ago, I spent a family holiday in Bulgaria and loved this kind of salad, since it very much reminded me to Greek Salad, but it was somehow also totally different. This comes from the grilled peppers and loads of parsley (which I hated at that point of time actually :-D). It’s quick, it’s fresh and a lovely vegetarian low carb meal that fills you thanks to the cheese.

There we go (for 1 person):
2 middle sized very ripe and fruity tomatoes (right now not available in Austria, so I took cherry tomatoes)
1/2 of a middle sized cucumber
1 middle sized bell pepper
1 piece in the size of your hand palm of feta
lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper
1/2 of a big red onion
loads of fresh parsley

Cut the vegetables in small cubes. Really small cubes. Actually all of it should be of the same size. Before you cut the bell pepper, roast it in bigger slizes in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Then throw it into the bowl as well. Mix it, so that all the juices mix up. Add a bit of salt and pepper, lemon juice and olive oil and mix again.

Afterwards, crumble the feta over the vegetables, some people grate it, but I think that’s not necessary. What is necessary is that the crumbles are fine enough to lay like snow above everything. Why? You’ll see ;-) The last step is to chop the parsley into rough pieces and add it onto the feta. Take as much as you want, but at least it should cover the cheese, and remove the thicker stalks while the thinner ones can be in the salad. For me it’s the more parsley, the better (in this case). Yes, and that’s it.

So what’s so special? You will recognize it as soon as you start eating it. Since all of the pieces have the same small size, all the juices can mix and combined with the fresh herbs and the crumbled cheese this is simply delicious. Sometimes the simplest things are the best :-)

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