Morning rituals

A lot of people are currently talking about their morning rituals. Well, to be honest, calling my morning procedures “ritual” seems a bit exaggerated, but I usually follow some certain steps in order to feel good and have a good start. I would say nothing special, but maybe it inspires you to try out new things in order to step into the day with more energy.

1.) Snoozing? Ahm….
Well, scientifically seen, you shouldn’t use the snooze button at all. It just make you even more tired and keeps you from really waking up. But to be honest, I really can’t skip it totally. So I made a deal with myself to not use the snooze button more often than three times. Since I try to get to sleep during weekdays at the same time each day, I usually wake up by myself at the right time, just a few minutes before the alarm clock rings (which I still use, just to make sure). The result is, that I am already fresher when I get out of my bed than I have been before, where I snoozed around for an hour.

2.) Fresh air
The next thing: in winter as well as in summer (well, mostly I sleep with an open window anyways during the warm days) I open the window and take some deep breaths. Filling my lungs with fresh oxygen is very important, since we often forget to take real deep breaths during the day.

3.) The morning playlist
I started to collect my personal favourite morning songs in a playlist and let it run while preparing for the day. It consists of easy going, positive songs and the more I shake my booty and sing along the better. I also have the tv on for news, but on mute and only turn on the sound when there’s something I want to listen to.

4.) Lukewarm lemon water
I mentioned it before, I drink a big glass of lukewarm water before eating or drinking anything else. It helps to clean the body and refuels after the night. It feels like washing the inside of my body and tastes awesome!

5.) Breakfast
Breakfast is essential to me. My parents insisted on having breakfast every single day and on the weekends with the whole family. So I was used to it since my child days and it is still very important for me. I know, that if I didn’t have a nutritious breakfast, I would get cravings until noon and eat too much then. Giving my body a good base for the day is a sign of self care for me. I enjoy every bite – and I must admit, I can’t stand people that shovel something in whatever they find or nothing at all and celebrate this “oh I find it super fancy to celebrate my vice to drink coffee and red bull”-attitude. I could never have a partner like this  – because how you eat is how you love, and it already starts with breakfast.
Usually I prefer yogurt or skyr with some grains or oats and fruits, or I have whole grain bread with avocado, egg, cheese and ham or curd cheese together with a cup of black coffee. When I had to start in my last company very early in the morning, I brought my breakfast to work. But still, I had breakfast. Try it – you will feel so much better and prevent cravings during the whole day!
On the weekends I often bake healthy pancakes with apple sauce or even Israeli Shakshuka. Or I enjoy a good breakfast out with friends in one of the great locations we have in town.

6.) Washing off the night
I almost always have a long hot shower before dressing up (except when I go skiing or something like this), because I need it to heat up my circulation. I even brush my teeth under the shower! I use fresh shower gels with a lemon-like smell to feel positive and energetic. Afterwards I rub my body with a rough towel and use body lotion or butter to finish it up. Ready to go!
Some people prepare their clothes for the next day, but first, I am too lazy and chaotic for that and second, I never know what I want to wear on the next day. Even on business trips I sometimes mix up my outfits.

7.) Commuting to work
When I have my office days, I have to drive about 30-40 mins by car, depending on the traffic. Sometimes of course I am annoyed by a traffic jam (and hell yeah, we have them every single day) but most times I just try to relax – you can’t change it anyways. I always bring my music to the car and enjoy my favourite songs (and yep – I sing along). So when I arrive at the office I am relaxed and motivated for the day. And no – I don’t check mails or make important calls before I arrive in my office and have another coffee.

As you can see, the most important thing for me is time. I want to take my hour to get ready, and I really hate it, when I don’t have enough time for that. Time is precious and metime even more. Take care of yourself, don’t rush too much! To be honest, I have my problems with people that interfere with my attitude towards these things and can’t stand it, when they want to keep me from my procedures. Some years ago I tried to stay in bed as long as possible and seized every second until I had no other choice than getting up and thought this would make me feel better, but actually it’s exactly the other way round. It takes some days to find your timing, but believe me, starting a day already in a hurry stops you from being awesome! We humans need routines and procedures to feel confident and stay flexible on the other hand ;-)

On my business trips I try to stick as much to my rituals as possible. And sometimes I go running in the morning, but this is just another step more, and I don’t change the whole procedure. And yes, of course I have my Sundays, where I just stay in bed and hang around ;-)

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