Oven-baked char with avocado zoodles

Last Saturday it was the first real spring day on the farmer’s market and oh yes, the fish farm guy returned from the winter break. They come with living fish (mainly trouts and char), which you can select. They kill them directly on the market – which might sound cruel, but actually it is the best way to have super fresh fish from the region on your plate. I usually cook it on the next day the latest, because otherwise I could buy any other fish, right? I bought a wonderful char fillet (since I was only cooking for myself) and decided to bake it in the oven. How? Let’s see. I cooked it for one person, because actually I didn’t know how good the avocado-thing would work out and didn’t want to invite someone to this experiment ;-)

– 1 fish fillet ideally from the region
– half of a small zucchini
– half of a shallot in cubes
– half of an avocado
– lemon juice, olive oil, salt and herbs and spices

You need:
– a small pan
– a spiral cutter
– baking paper
– your oven and a plate

Heat up your oven to about 180-200°C before you dry the fish and wrap it in baking paper. Befpre, sprinkle some oil, lemon, salt, spices and herbs as you wish on it and then place it on a plate. You can put it in the oven as soon as it is wrapped, the oven must not be completely hot. Let it bake for about 15 mins, depending on the size of the fish (and of course, if you have a whole fish, it will take longer).

In the meanwhile, use the spiral cutter to make zoodles – which means noodles from zucchini. I cut off the end of the zucchini so that I had a straight edge. Place it in the cutter (I will write about mine soon) and turn it. You will get tagliatelle-like zucchini stripes. Heat half a teaspoon of olive oil in a teflon pan and roast the shallot cubes, but be careful, they shouldn’t get color. While they are roasting, squish the avocado and add salt, chili, lemon juice, garlic and pepper (or you use a ready guacamole spice mix like the one from Just Spices). Take the zoodles and toss it for some minutes in the pan. Finally take the pan from the heat and add the avocado cream. Mix it thoroughly and then place it on a plate together with the package with the fish.

Be careful when you open the little fish package, since hot steam will come out of it. If you have better decoration skills than me than you can arrange all the stuff nicely and it will impress your guests ;-)

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