So this was February

The shortest month of the year is already over and so it’s time to recap a little. It was a month with a lot of learning, a month of some traveling, a month of a lot of new faces again, a month of some nice surprises and wtf moments, and a month of getting back on track.

Workwise, I am in my second month in the new company and it’s still not always easy due to all the new impressions, things to learn und finding my place. I am more or less really working operational and love it. I don’t travel so much anymore which makes it possible to find routines in the office and daily life. When sitting in workshops and meetings with lots of new faces and topics I am not used to, I feel more confident now, still I realize that I need a lot to learn. But hey that’s the way it is and should maybe lower the expectations I have for myself.

It also got easier to find into my old sports schedule and cooking motivation. I had time to do some meal prepping in order to have creative-to-go meals at work. The weight lifting training I focus on now once a week shows first results, so I am optimistic that it will help a lot in skydiving this summer too.

Ah and concerning summer… We had the first real warm days the last week and I had my first run in capris yesterday! Everybody wakes up and enjoys wearing thinner clothes after the real cold day in January. On the market the farmers already have a lot more to offer and last Friday, we finally installed my new canopy and I can’t wait to take Humphrey 3.0 to the sky. Unfortunately our plane returns not earlier than the 15th of April due to maintenance, so I might stop by in Zell for some Pink Skyvan jumping. Also because I learned some new stuff in the tunnel two weeks ago, so hey, I need a jump!

One thing I am pretty proud again is that I am really getting better in setting priorities and look after what is good for me. There were the first Austrian Indoor Skydiving Nationals and initially, I planned to go there for watching. Of course it would have been nice to meet up with some people I haven’t seen for a while, but on the other hand, I came home from a business trip only some hours before and a nice weekend at home was actually the thing I was craving for. Especially, because I had a way better plan for Saturday night which was one of the nice surprises this month ;-)

So hey, March… I hope the good weather continues so I can spend even more time outside. We will have a super cool event at work in the mountains, a lot of trainings and I will travel two more weeks. I think I will wake up my Vespa and road bike, which is always the best sign for spring. I already signed up for my video days and again focused on self-time, since I mostly kept my Saturdays free for other stuff I like to do and people I want to spend time with. Seems like a plan, right?


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