Morning rituals

A lot of people are currently talking about their morning rituals. Well, to be honest, calling my morning procedures "ritual" seems a bit exaggerated, but I usually follow some certain steps in order to feel good and have a good start. I would say nothing special, but maybe it inspires you to try out new... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts about hotel rooms (attention: sarcasm!)

I counted, since 1st of January I stayed in 13 different hotel rooms. So a lot of time to make some studies about those cosy places to sleep and stop over. Many of my thoughts apply mainly on hotel rooms in central Europe, but I think most of it is the same everywhere ;-) So... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato Thai Curry

Some days ago, one of my girls told me she fell in love with sweet potatoes (which I totally understand) and she'd love to cook curry with it. She is a bit shy with cooking (which I totally not understand because I think she's doing a great job in the kitchen) and after moving into... Continue Reading →

Oven-baked char with avocado zoodles

Last Saturday it was the first real spring day on the farmer's market and oh yes, the fish farm guy returned from the winter break. They come with living fish (mainly trouts and char), which you can select. They kill them directly on the market - which might sound cruel, but actually it is the... Continue Reading →

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