Tasty salad with beetroot and mushrooms (vegan)

Oops another beetroot recipe! But hey, yesterday at the farmer’s market I found so many nice ingredients I just couldn’t say no. This simple salad is light and tasty, just perfect for a little in-between-lunch before workout and some evening activities.

I combined the following parts:
– 1 king oyster mushroom I bought from this supernice mushroom dude (other mushrooms would work too)
– 1 cooked middle-sized cooked beetroot
– a bit of leek
– 1 big hand full of leaf lettuce (can be exchanged to baby spinach, but the lettuce came from Austria, the spinach didn’t)
– cress
– freshly grated horseradish

Cut the mushroom into slices an roast it together with the leek in a bit of coconut oil. Add a liiittle bit of salt, in order to let it loose some water. In the meantime, cut the beetroot into cubes, wash the lettuce and mix them both in a bowl. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice, mix it again and then place it on the plate. Add the cress and horsesradish and in the end the mushroom slices and the leek. I added a bit of water shortly before taking it out of the pan to keep it juicy and soft. That’s it!

Of course, some soft goat cheese or nuts also fit and if you want you can eat a piece of whole grain bread together with it. This time, I left it that way and found it pretty awesome. Warm mushrooms are always a plus and this amazing special ones from the market made it perfect (maybe because of the nice talk I had while buying it ;-))

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