Vegan superspicy veggie soup

Soups are great. They warm you and your soul, are light, you can cook endless variations, they are easy to freeze in and to bring to work to heat it up for lunch and depending how you cook them, they are healthy too. So basically mine are always healthy ;-)

Today it’s time for a superquick and easy veggie soup, which is also awesome for processing leftover vegetables. I cooked it very spicy, but if you skip the chilies, you have normal soup. I added tofu for proteins, but of course it also works with sausages, nuts, chickpeas, smoked fish or goat cheese.

So here we go. Open your fridge and take out all kinds of veggies you find in there. If you want to empty your freezer, you can even take frozen vegetables (well actually, I would let it defrost for a while before cooking but it even should work with the frozen ones). The soup on the pic was made out of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, one piece of a yellow turnip, a bit of zucchini, a few chilies and leek. But really, you can take EVERYTHING!

Take a big pot and heat up some coconut oil (or olive oil). Cut the vegetables into middle sized pieces and roast the hard ones first before adding the soft ones. After a few minutes cover everything with water. After another few minutes add more water, there should be two or three centimeters of water above the ingredients. I used organic vegetable soup powder, because I didn’t have vegetable bouillon at home. Let it boil up under a lid and then reduce the heat a bit. Let it cook on low heat for…. a while I would say. You will puree it anyways afterwards, so it’s not a problem if the veggies get too soft. And actually you need it soft for the mixer ;-)

I used my bar mixer to puree the whole thing. Taste it after letting it cook in a few minutes, usually you have to add a bit of salt. This time I also used the mix “Scharfmacher” by Sonnentor, but the final composition is of course up to you. Let it wobble for another two or three minutes before dishing up. I cut a piece of organic smoked tofu and placed it in the middle of the bowl with the soup, and added mustard sprouts and a few drops of pumpkin seed oil. Voilá!

Usually, you won’t necessarily need something to make it creamy, like cream, coconut oil or creme fraiche. Of course you can use it (coconut milk also gives a nice exotic taste), but as long as you don’t only use vegetables rich on water like zucchini, you won’t need to. Alternatively, you can also include some potatoes, which will also bind the soup a bit more and still remain a light dish.

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