My personal tricks to never get sick

A lot of people ask why I never get sick. Well never might be a little exaggerated. But it’s true, I rarely suffer from illness or a cold. I fly a lot and am busy, so there are loads of possibilities to catch a virus.
So what is my strategy? Well, first of all, it seems like most of my family members have a strong immune system, so it might be genetical (if this is possible). But there are some tricks I use and in my opinion contribute a big part to my fitness:

1.) Move
I do a lot of sports. Outdoor as well as indoor sports keep my body working and I somehow believe that a good amount of sweat per week also sweats out harmful bacilli. But I also watch out if I feel sick. As soon as I have the feeling of fever or that I just want to sleep, I give my body a rest instead of pushing it too far to the limits.

2.) Fresh air
When I am not doing sports outside, I at least try to catch some fresh air in the weekends with walks, strolling through the city or around on a market or jumping off the bus one station earlier. Our body needs the light and the oxygen, which you can’t get inside. Nothing’s better than soaking up some sun and light during winter days. So move out your asses!

3.) Tea
I drink liters of tea. Each day. This means that I literally need to pee at least once per hour. Which again leads to some movement even during office days, you see? The warm drink also keeps my body warm. I change between green tea, herbal tea and fruit tea, and often I mix it with a bit of lemon juice. Especially in winter, I somehow can’t drink enough water, because I crave for warm liquids, so tea is the best solution.

4.) Lemon water
A yeah, besides tea I also drink a big glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice each morning before eating or doing anything else. It helps hydrating my body after the night, pushes metabolism and cleans the body. I got this tip from an Ayurveda therapist in Sri Lanka and must say that I really feel a difference since I stick to this routine. You can also add honey or ginger, but I personally hate ginger, so I just use lemon.

5.) The suiting clothes
It is important not to freeze and not to sweat. And by freezing, I especially mean constantly feeling cold, not a short period of freezing due to a certain circumstance (like a skydive in winter ^^) . But if you are sitting in the office with shaking cold hands or goosebumps all the time, your immune system will be more likely to be attacked, because your body is busy with heating up instead of fighting any virus or illness.
On the other hand, I always try not to be wrapped up in too many layers too much. It makes no sense to wear super thick clothes and start sweating as soon as you are somewhere 3 degrees warmer. I also personally think it’s stupid to wear layer over layer as soon as it gets a little bit colder in autumn. I always try to have a cosy feeling, but not a hot head. Laugh about it, but it is a good indicator: a normal warm face and warm hands. Except for running: the rule of thumb is, that if you go for a run and step outside, you should freeze a bit, because you’ll heat up anyways.
Try to stay dry. Either when you run or walk around in the city, getting wet because of rain is not good. Wait for summer for the romantic rains ;-) Also get our of sweaty sports clothes as soon as you return home and have a hot shower.
Another important thing is to avoid cold feet. It might be ok to have cold toes when you go out in a bar, but for a longer period, I try to always have warm feet. There was this day, when I realized that I am just too old to get sick just because I want to look sexy. This might sound boring, but wearing sneakers or nice boots can be cool too. And keeps you healthy. Grandma was right ;-)
So again: warm feet, warm hands, no sweating, no constant freezing, staying dry. It’s that simple.

6.) Hats
I am hat addicted. I even have summer beanies made of thin jersey to keep my forehead warm when it’s windy. So during winter, I almost always wear woolen beanies when I am outside. Especially when I am running, I am very careful with my head, because you can loose a lot of body heat there. And I just simply hate cold ears, you know?

7.) Fresh food
I try to keep from processed food and rather cook fresh, creative and with loads of different spices. I mean, I do this during the whole year, but especially in winter it is even more important to eat food that grows around you – because that is usually exactly what people in this area need- and cook often. Cook hot’n’spicy, cook slow instead fast frying, fall in love with soups. Learn what heats you up, learn what cools you down. Your body will be thankful.

8.) Wash your hands
Loads of germs are on everything that people touch. So you should wash your hands often or use disinfection gel to avoid getting too much in contact with bacteria. On the other hand don’t be hysterical. A certain amount of dirt probably makes you stronger – sounds a bit gross, but hey, your body must get used to it ;-)

9.) Sleep enough
When you don’t sleep enough, this will weaken your immune system after a while. So try to go to bed at the same time each day, cool down your sleeping room a bit, cuddle up in your bed and get your hours of sleep. If possible, keep away from your smartphone before sleeping or at least use the nightshift mode. I know it’s hard and struggle with it myself, but when I manage to stick to my sleeping routine, I feel just a lot healthier.

10.) Stay positive and try out new stuff
It might sound a bit esoteric, but a positive attitude and certain curiosity will help you staying healthy. It influences your mind and therefore also your body. In general, if you have a bad mood, you don’t feel energetic, which is a major factor in also being physically fit. Be foolish! Do stupid stuff, sing loud and most important: smile every time you see yourself in a mirror. You don’t believe me? You should try ;-)


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