Sundays are…. for beetroot experiments?

There are many factors why I love my job, but one of them is the constant contact with cooks and foodies. It is so inspiring to spend time in the kitchen or at the grill with them, or discuss all kinds of food topics!

So maybe this was the reason why I was kinda experimental today, maybe just last night’s full moon or the visit at the farmer’s market yesterday. I don’t know but I tried something completely crazy in my point of view and – it was awesome!

I bought a piece of fresh soft goat cheese yesterday. This kind of cheese is rather typical for the area where I live, or also in Styria. You can either put it on bread like a spread or you can cut it into pieces, put a lot of onions and herbs on it, top it with salt and pepper and then drown it in pumpkin seed oil. This is the way you will get it at the famous and cosy “Buschenschanks” and together with a piece of fresh dark bread it is just perfect in summer.

I used to eat it that way all the time (with less oil and more veggies like pepper or cucumber), and initially wanted too today. Then I saw the nice beetroot I bought yesterday and thought: why not be crazy?

I took the beetroot and cut it into small cubes. I added salt, a bit of lemon juice and some freshly grated horseradish. Then I cut the cheese into slices, topped it with salt and pepper as well as with a lot of fresh herbs (from the freezer I have to admit) and of course a little bit of pumpkin seed oil. It is perfect on that kind of cheese and contains a lot of healthy fat. You shouldn’t use it for cooking, but as topping or  in a salad dressing it is awesome.

I think some onions or pumpkin seeds would have been great too. But I was lazy after my workout. I was a bit sceptic when I took the first bite, since both parts aren’t that special and exciting – but in the mix and with lemon and horseradish it was a complete new taste. So: whatever you find in your fridge – be creative and try, discover and explore!

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