What a January!!!

Pew what a month! Sitting right now in Germany and waiting for my next flight to Berlin seems to be the best setup for my January wrap up. I counted: I only had 13 nights in my own bed. I’d say, my hunger for traveling around has been fulfilled, right? My Sunday night habit now is not watching TV but packing my suitcase, and I must say that I’m slowly getting a routine :-D

It all started with my christmas holiday at Skydive Spain, where I spent 11 wonderful days enjoying sun, skydiving, cerveza and food. It was wonderful to fully enjoy the days with the knowledge that in a short time something new would start. After Spain, I enjoyed a few days in London to fully seize my time off, before I started at Weber Stephen in my new job as Expansion and District Manager for the Grill Academy.

It was a good feeling to walk into that office with this nice team. But I didn’t have much time to get used to it, because right on the next day they sent me to Ingelheim for training purposes. I was invited to attend a course at the Grill Academy in Urmitz, a great experience in a beautiful surrounding with cool chefs. I already learned a lot, but even more last week, when we had our trade trainings in Austria. We stayed in St. Salvator, little nest in Carinthia, for 6 days, and trained our retailers as well as we had our business networking days. Great food everyday, grilling courses, fun at the bar – but also a lot of talks, learning and getting into the product portfolio.

I only had one day of weekend before going back to Ingelheim and right now I am waiting for my trip to Berlin, because of a longer meeting. I am excited to meet more colleagues from all over Europe, who are also working on the field of our Grill Academy. It will feel good to finally have faces behind names and voices, and to work on our topic. I love the motivated atmosphere here and the strong identification with the product and brand everyone has. My highest priority lies on the new challenge and this focus is something I haven’t experienced for quite a long time.

Even though my weeks are really exhausting, I feel empowered and energetic. Every morning is a new beginning and it’s amazing that all that motivation is coming back. This also means sports, because since I gained some weight over Christmas and the whole lot of grilling, amazing food and business trips definitely won’t make it easier to loose the kilos, I changed my training schedule a little. I want to get back into my regular base. One day per week will be dedicated to “real” workout with heavy weights and a strong focus on legs, because I really really want to build up my knee again. During the weekdays, I prefer running (especially on business trips because I don’t have an indoor room everywhere) and my Runtastic Results workouts. In a perfect week, I can squeeze in 4 training sessions that way, even though the runs might be shorter than usual (uuuhm, getting up at 5 and -4 degrees isn’t the best precondition, right?). I hope that I will see results soon, so that the sore legs I am suffering from pay off :-)

There also have been some private topics, but aligning with my goals for this year, I am proud to say that I have made up clear decisions, which is important for every person affected. I am currently cleaning up some old stuff and stories, and it feels good.

I am still trying to visit the farmer’s market every weekend and want to keep my weekends vegetarian and “not grilled”. Ok until I’ll get my own grill and the good weather will make it possible to use it in the nature (since I unfortunately don’t have a garden or balcony) the last thing is easy, but when you attended six days of grilling training, you really like to simply eat something like a vegetable soup. Right now, I have food all around me and yes, this will be reduced in the next months after the first weeks of training, but still, my whole life is somehow connected even more to good food, respectful processing and high level recipes :-) Nice thing I’d say!

The next two weeks will still be busy, but then there will be more quiet times coming up (which means only one event per week). I also will attend a tunnel camp in the middle of February, it will be good to be back in the wind. I hope the super frosty days will be over soon, currently it is super cold and there is obviously a massive ice chaos at home. There need to be some first rays of spring soon!


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