London my love

I am back. Back from the lovely city of London, where I had the pleasure of spending 4 relaxed days with strolling around, some shopping, of course some sightseeing, eating great food and – most important for me- letting go in the atmosphere and catching all the details. Because when I love something about cities like London, where I’ve already been many times before, it is the details. All the things that might be hidden from your eyes on the first visits, because you are overwhelmed by the atmosphere, you are in a hurry to see it all and even though you try (and I always do!) you can’t fully enjoy the first rays of light in the morning that shimmer between the trees and let your room shine in a special light. You don’t have the time to get lost and walk around and discover. So since it was the sixth visit or so in London, this was the plan – stroll around and let go.

From a sightseeing point of view, we had a lot: Portobello Road in Notting Hill, Hyde Park including crazy squirrels, Kensington, Covent Garden, Big Ben, a bus tour with afternoon tea (skip it and enjoy a tea in one of the expensive hotels instead!), Camden Market (the best thing to spend a rainy day), Tower Bridge (in a what I would call British hurricane), Picadilly at night and during day, Regent’s street, Oxford Street, Soho, finally Harrod’s again and Selfridges of course too. But for me one thing was on my travel list for years and finally I had the time to visit it: the Tate Modern Gallery. I am by far not a connaisseuse of Modern Art or Art in general, but I love to take a look on paintings and installations and to dive into what the artist might have wanted to transfer. Or find a complete new meaning. And one of the places, where you definitely can enjoy this is the Tate. It is an old power plant which was transformed into a gallery and it is: huge. Right in the moment you enter the big hall on the entry floor, you are caught by the breathtaking atmosphere and a musical installation even underlines the spacious dimensions of the building. There is a lot of free shows including Picassos, Monets or Mirós as well some special exhibitions (which you have to pay for). There is this bridge connecting the two parts and from up there, you can once again realize all the space and feel small. You can take the elevator to the viewing platform and enjoy the amazing view over to St. Paul’s cathedral while having a cup of coffee.

Of course going home to snowy and frosty Austria always hurts. I could have spent weeks in London, falling in love with it over and over again. But while sitting in one of the cosy pubs, I received my training plan for my new job at Weber which I will start tomorrow – and one thing is clear: I won’t get bored. Oh no, not at all. I will travel a lot (especially in the upcoming 4 weeks) and it will a great and exciting time. So it wasn’t as bad as it was for example in Seville. This year is just taking off and hey, I am already doing so many awesome things – isn’t life great?

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