Tasty Quinoa Salad with Spinach

Well, when going to Andalusia, you should know one thing: they love deep fried dishes and they love meat. Which is nice to have for a few days, but after a while, I really was fed up. So I was super happy when one night we visited a lovely restaurant in Seville, which was called Arte y Sabor (http://www.arteysabor.es/) – a real recommendation! They have loads of vegan and vegetarian food too, so there should be something for everyone. This place inspired me for this little salad, which can be prepared with or without goat cheese in order to keep it vegan or not. Ah and if the Quinoa is still a bit warm – it even tastes better!

You need (1 person):
– 1/2 cup of cooked Quinoa
– 1,5 hands of fresh spinach
– 4-5 cherry tomatoes
– 1/2 hand of cashews or peanuts (not roasted)
– 1 spring onion or a piece of normal onion
– 2 table spoons of cooked chickpeas
– salt, lemon, a bit of olive oil, some spices as you like (I took “Sporty Spice” by “just spices)
– optional: a small piece of semi-soft goat cheese

Mix all the ingredients together, add the spices and drizzle it with olive oil and lemon juice before you let it rest for 5 minutes. Then add the goat cheese. That’s it. It’s a nice and quick salad which is light but feeds you for a while thanks to Quinoa, chickpeas and cheese. It also looks great in a jar, if you want to carry it somewhere or bring it to a party. That’s the great thing about traveling: food inspirations everywhere :-)

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