Time to celebrate

Well, it’s the night before December 24th, which is the traditional day to celebrate Christmas here in Austria. Finally time to relax a little before the big day, and also time to think about the last weeks.

My last 1.5 months were extremely busy. Not so much at work, but more in private life. Celebrations, tunnel camps, weekend trips, the skydiving club’s Christmas party… All of these things were fun, but at the same time exhausting too (ahem, and yes, maybe I had a little bit too much party with the skydivers last weekend, so this also cost me a day of recovery ^^).

The next thing is that I actually was looking for a new job, and now that everything is fixed, I can say: I’ve done it! It was a pretty tough challenge, but yeah! I will start at a new, exciting and cool company on Jan 16th – were exactly is something I will tell you soon enough.  It is a new start in a different area of business, so yes, it is exciting and at the same time I feel super relaxed because I know that everything turned out to be good at the end. I almost didn’t believe that all this could happen at the end of the year, but I am totally happy about it.

Tomorrow I will enjoy some of my personal Christmas traditions before the celebrations start. I will take care of all the food and logistics, so it is always rather stressful for me. On 25th we will have roasted ducks at grandma’s place, so again food food food. On Monday I will leave for Vienna and enjoy some relaxed time and on Tuesday, finally guys, I am leaving on a jetplane towards Seville for the Christmas boogie. It will be awesome, I know it!

Right at the moment I try to gather my powers, so instead of partying like some years ago, I just enjoy my couch, the little improvised Christmas tree and candles after dinner with my friend Chrisi. This year I don’t have a real tree, because I am only at home for a few days. I got a branch which looks a bit like a tree and put it onto the wall with some balls (this year even penguin balls!), underneath all the presents – it’s lovely and I like it a lot.

This year was tough and I think I will have to think a lot more about all that has happened, what I’ve learned, what has changed me and what some of the things mean for the future. But today – just chillin….

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