Let’s remember November

If I had an “Adventkranz” there would be already the second candle burning right now. It’s the second Sunday before christmas and the Dec 4th. Today was election day in Austria – we finally have a new president and his name is Van Der Bellen. Personally, I am really happy about this. I am not a full supporter of him or his party, but between these two candidates, the choice was easy. So the last month of this crazy year has started and of course, somehow some of the things I wanted to reach in 2016 are still open. There are 31 days left to finish that project – let’s rock it! Time to look back on the past month.

Finally we have winter-like weather. November in general was way too warm, exactly the right weather to get a headache and a cold. I don’t know how many days, but I suffered from really bad migraine pretty often. I hate it, because then I hardly can work out or do anything else than waiting until it’s over. It’s good that it’s getting more quiet now. Ok, I had something planned on more or less all of the weekends and will have this going on for the next weeks too, but there is no more jumping on a regular base, so there is a lot of time left to do stuff that has to be done. Or do just nothing at all ;-)

Still, after some lows in motivation, I enjoyed sports, working out and tunnel flying. In general, all physical activities help to raise more motivation and as soon as I am in my running shoes, it gets better. Having this in mind, I kicked myself out of the door and so could gain some motivation back. I want to loose some weight and eat better – this is in fact harder than I expected, because there is always something nice to eat at the office and soooo much chocolate! I try to keep away from it and yes, I love my market visits I try to squeeze into my weekends.
Prague was great fun and of course, there was progress – as usual. Just not as much as during some other camps, but hey, that’s totally ok (and if I didn’t complain about it, it wouldn’t be me).

Work? Well… some things are going on, but hey – never talk about unfinished things too early, so we’ll see. I just try to keep my head up high and going. And working on alternative plans heheh.

The good thing is, I somehow regained my social life. I went out woohoo! And we already had the annual punch-party at a skydiving colleague’s place, and even though it was the smallest one I ever experienced, it was still great fun. I got my ass up to catch up with old friends – and sometimes life surprises you then. We celebrated my brother’s birthday in Vienna, and hey, I already have some of my christmas presents :-D

So December… Pew, already the last month of this year. So much to do, so much to finalize. Another tunnel camp next week in Vienna, hopefully including a little trip to the zoo to visit the baby penguins :-) Definitely including a belated Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s place because his boyfriends loves to invite people in Vienna to one of his biggest holidays. It’s christmas – time for wrapping presents, drinking mulled wine and baking cookies – and giving them away to some special people, which became one of my favourite christmas traditions.

I plan to paint some part of my flat, I hope I will get this done during December. I realized that I live here for almost 10 years now and so I think it’s time for some fresh designs.

On Dec. 27, I will fly to Spain for Skydive Spain’s christmas boogie. It will be awesome to catch some sun, jump and meet nice people. Also because I know that my new year’s eve will be really cool and we will have a good time. Traveling is always a good thing – so what could be a better start into a new year than being in another country?



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