Inspiration: beetroot

I might have already given you a small insight into my beetroot addiction. But there is even much more to discover about this super healthy food. Since it is a true winter vegetable here in Austria and right now, you can buy it simply everywhere, I have some more preparation inspirations for you. I usually buy them already cooked in the supermarket or on the farmer’s market on the  weekend (which I prefer, because I can buy exactly the amount I need):

I love love love a bowl of my beetroot soup when it’s cold outside. I love to prepare it with coconut milk (see recipe here), but you can also prepare it with milk or cream.

Mixed salad
We had this amazing salad composition in Klatovy, during summer I love to prepare it with arugula, but this basically also works with all kinds of strong salads, or even fresh spinach.

Sliced beetroot salad
This is something very common in Austria. Slice the beetroot and mix it like a potato salad with a Vinaigrette consisting of oil, apple vinegar and some salt. On top we love some spicy  grated horseradish. You even can get this in glasses, but to be honest, I wouldn’t eat it.

Beetroot carpaccio
I found this at the  restaurant of the Hurricane Factory in Prague and it is a rather interesting variation of traditional carpaccio. Cut it in veeeery thin slices and put it on a plate. Place some goat cheese and arugula and drizzle some olive oil, Lemon or vinegar as well as salt and pepper on it. This might be a nice starter for vegetarians too.

Warm beetroot
Since it is already cooked, you just have to warm it up in a small pot, a steamer or the microwave. Some salt, garlic and pepper as well as olive oil and lemon on top, an there you go, you have a nice side dish (or dinner, if you mix it with hummus or guacamole when you don’t want to eat raw  veggies before bed). You can also grill it and drizzle some honey in the end over it. Sounds weird, but is an awesome taste experience.

Beetroot hummus
Ah and btw, when you mix beetroot puree with hummus, you have a colourful and tasty hummus variation (I always use 1/3 beetroot and 2/3 hummus).

Beetroot-avocado-salsa (see picture)
A few days ago I tried a nice little starter, but you can even have it as small dinner too. Use the meat of half an avocado in cubes, mix it with some onions and a piece of cut beetrot and top it with sprouts. Mix it with salt, pepper and lemon and fill it into the avocado shell. It looks awesome and if you also mix some smoked salmon or tuna into it, you’ll have a full meal.

Beetroot risotto
Prepare some normal risotto and shortly before the end, mix the beetroot cubes into it (similar to pumpkin risotto). The color will be awesome ;-)


I am sure there is much more to discover. But the mentioned variations are my favourites and also cook rather quick. Try it and fall in love with this lovely vegetable! There are also cake recipes with, but to be honest, I am more the savory type. Did anyone of you already tried it?


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