White as snow: Skyr

I love simple, high quality foods. Combined with other ingredients they turn into great dishes. Today I want to talk a little bit about one of my favourite things to eat right now because some of you might have asked themselves already: what the hell is that stuff?

Since I am more the savoury type of eater, it’s sometimes a little hard to find healthy alternatives for breakfast. Avocoado-with-egg-toast or low fat ham on full grain bread is nice, but after a while it gets boring. Muesli too. But then friends of mine showed up with some kind of white stuff and explained that they already loved it on their Iceland trip: Skyr.

Skyr is something in between fresh cheese, curd cheese and yogurt. It is very low on fat, but high on proteines. Which is curd cheese too, but Skyr is softer, tasting more like yogurt. Still, you won’t eat it plain, because it’s a bit boring and sticky. I personally prefer it for low-carb breakfast, but of course you can have it anytime of the day or eat it for dessert. If you want to have it a bit more creamy, mix a bit of yogurt or fruit juice into it. It feeds you long and a real energy booster.  It also reminds me a little bit of the creamy yogurt I always had with passion fruit back in Sri Lanka. I recommend to eat it not super cooled

When I combine it with fruits, in my opinion all kinds of juicy fruits are ideal. They will mix up with the Skyr and it won’t be too sticky. Also rather sweet fruits are better than sour citrus fruits. But I guess that’s up to personal taste. So here are my favourite add-ons:

-berries: either fresh or frozen, but berries somehow are a perfect match
– exotic fruits: my favourite is passion fruit, but since I prefer local food, I rarely buy them
– bananas: I love to put them on the groud of the glass, because then they are somehow the sweet base
– apple sauce: I only buy apple sauce without sugar, but it is still sweeter than most apples and the texture is a great combination
– crusty, crispy toppings: nuts (for desserts I recommend them to roast them a bit maybe with honey or agave juice), cocoa nibs, some cornflakes, wafers, chia seeds, popped chinoa, …
– gingerbread: right now when the days are getting colder, I really love gingerbread in small pieces on top of it. Ok, this is not super-healthy, but when they soak up the juice of frozen raspberries it’s too good not to eat it from time to time :-)
– the extra tasty bit: home made jam, some caramel, cocoa powder, grated dark chocolate

Just try and have fun. If you have some super duper ideas – let me know!

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