Wake me up when September ends

Ok obviously nobody did because it’s already Ocobter 9, and I still didn’t write my September review and October outlook. So there we go.

September was a wonderful warm month. It really felt like summer, including wearing sandals and flip flops as well as summer dresses. Some late summer cycling, sunset runs and freckles growing on my nose ;-) On the dropzone we enjoyed summer suit jumping and bbq evenings. Almost better than during the “official” summer!

At work – same as the months before. Just with a change at the end of the month, which leads me to the major topic I am dealing with right now: I can’t tell you details yet, but there will be some more life changes soon. I need to change some things. It can’t go on like this. And it feels like that it will be some bigger things coming, actually I don’t really know how big and what exactly, but my guts say: be open. Seize the chances. You won’t regret it.

And yes, I will follow my guts, definitely. Because the last month already showed me that life is always good for some positive surprises too if you just have trust and try to be patient. Whether it was jumping with newbies and seeing their progress, whether it was meeting unexpected interesting people or being woken up by a special blondie on soft paws. There were finally less fights and discussions on the dropzone, more friendship and good moments. I felt calm and relaxed. Ok let’s say most of the time – of course, little itsy bitsy Lisal also had her times of being waiting, wishing, not knowing what to do or what to think ^^ But it’s getting better again, day by day.

Sportswise I finally really got back on track. I feel so much better than the last months and I can see that I gained a lot of physical strength and power coming back. Maybe it was because I had to fought all the thoughts running through my mind. Or it was the progress I recognized so I wanted to reach more of it. During the last two weeks there have also been the first autumn days where I enjoyed real cooking and cuddling up at home. Somehow it feels like everything calms down a bit and maybe this will also help things falling into places.

So hey, October. First of all I will buy a new car. Yeah, really! My old one is literally falling into pieces, and I also need one that’s a bit bigger. I think I will take my final decision in the upcoming week. Then, I want to do a little trip at the end of the month. I don’t know where I could go yet, but I’m sure, I will find an interesting place. The Radfeld weekends will also start next week, since the last two days where rainy and the boogie didn’t happen. So there is a lot of positive, exciting things for sure. And who knows, maybe some more?


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