Savoury chickpea pancake

I got the inspiration for this meal in Israel, where I had a variation of it as a breakfast. Some weeks ago, I bought chickpea flour and tried it at home – and instantly fell in love with it. Today, I tried a what I thought crazy combination with it and will definitely add it to my dinner plan, since it was too good :-)

If you want to make chickpea pancakes simply mix chickpea flour, sparkling water, a bit of salt and some oriental spices like cumin, chili and pepper. I took a bit of the “Baharat” mix by Just Spices, but you don’t need a mix. Just try what you like, but in my opinion, cumin, always adds this extra touch of oriental taste. Mix the ingredients, until you have a thin, creamy dough. Put this into a good teflon pan, like if you want to make thin crepes. Bake it on middle heat from both sides, I usually don’t even use any fat for baking since my pan is really good. If you make the dough a little thicker, you can also make small bread-like pancakes.

The topping depends on you. In Tel Aviv, I had it with onions, tomatoes, parsely and cucumber. It tastes good, but only if you have really ripe tomatoes. This time I added guacamole (a good layer of it), goat cheese in pieces and a perfectly poached egg. And since a little parsley never killed nobody, also fresh herbs. A perfect, fast after-running meal. Impress your loved ones with this spicy version of pancakes!



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