Oops it’s September already!

Pew, that August passed by too fast! And it’s already the 11th of September (what a date btw) and since one third of the month is already over I will just take a short look back on August.

It was the month of my last travel adventure – the trip to Israel. I am still going through my photos and reporting, but it was an intense experience. This country gave me much and I start realizing this more and more while I am getting back to daily business.

It was also the month of the Austrian Skydiving Nationals (where I was in the orga team and competing in the speed competition), it was the month of a load of extra hours and it was the month of some moments where I realized that some of the people around me aren’t the way I thought. I had to refocus, because some sad news woke me up. We all should cease the moment a lot more, don’t waste our life with stuff that make us unhappy and only surround us by people that are really good for us. A little breakdown showed me that I have to focus a lot more on me.

When I think back to my time in Israel, I remember so many moments. Like when I sat at the pier in Tel Aviv to watch the sunset. There was this guy -Chaim- and he had the same plan. He wanted to communicate with me, but he couldn’t speak English or German and I can’t speak Hebrew. So we sat there, both holding a beer in our hand, just enjoying this very moment. And there are a lot more moments like this, and I always have a smile when I think back how good it felt.

So that’s the plan not only for the next month – refocus, redesign and relax. Work will get even busier, but everything else is in my hands. I can find more time to workout, I can set up some plans to motivate me and I have to clean up some closets. Enjoy more. Inhale, exhale, find the small good moments. Just like today, when I did a trackdive with beginners – really nothing big, very easy, but it felt so good. Since nothing bigger is planned, there will be enough time to find more often the little things to make me happy. I don’t want to take a look on my holiday pics, when I want to see a relaxed, happy Lisal. I’ll start tomorrow. With another jump to remember :-)


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