Lentil salad with young spinach

In between all the travel posts here is a quick recipe for a lovely salad. Lentils are actually really great for salads, and I almost forgot how nicely you can mix them until I had a great lentil meal in Mitzpe Ramon in Israel waiting for the meteor shower. I prepared this salad for two days and it was even better on the second day, when it had a little time to rest.

I cooked one cup of yellow lentils in two cups of water (don’t salt it!). Yellow lentils cook rather fast, they only need about 10-15 mins, and they don’t need to be soaked in advance. I let it cool down for an hour, but you can also use them warm.

I added: two hands of fresh, young spinach (not frozen!), one spring onion in small pieces, 1/2 of an avocado in cubes, some cashew nuts and one piece of goat cheese in crumbles (around the size of my hand palm). Add salt, pepper, a little bit of chili and garlic and in the end a bit of olive oil and the juice of a half lemon. Mix it and enjoy!

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