Back from Israel

I am back. Not sure if I like that fact, and especially because I have to return to work tomorrow, but yeah, I am back. Luckily, the weather in Austria decided to be some kind of summer-like, otherwise I would have died because of freezing ;) I just enjoyed the first night in my own bed with an open window to let in the cool air (wow, natural a/c, forgot how good this is!) and now I already have a pretty filled schedule for this national holiday (due to the skydiving nationals and my good will I a have to do some volunteer work).

Israel, the way I experienced it, is an intense country, full of contrasts. Tel Aviv is a big city with western habits as well as a little bit of middle-east style, Jerusalem is completely different, and all the places I spent time and nights between also all have their special attributes. I saw cities, nature, tourists, locals, religion, modern ways of thinking and beaches as well as mountains. The food was amazing, I could have eaten all day long. My feet hurt from walking and hiking, but in my opinion this is just the best way to explore the vibe of places. A lot of interesting and exciting people crossed my way and with some of them I had the chance to spend a little more time. I hope we can stay in touch. It was interesting to hear so many different views on the current topics, which seem to influence people all over the world.

Usually I take the time traveling home to go through all the experiences I made and to let it settle a bit. Unfortunately, the flight and before the time at the airport was just too crowded that I hardly could relax. So I think I will take some time to let it rest and then write a row of blog posts about different topics and the various locations I’ve been to.

Do I wanna get back? Yes, at least to Tel Aviv for some sunshine. Do I wanna get back on the road? Yes please! Do I wanna get back to work and be serious? No……

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