Travel buddies in crime

When you hit the road, you love to have travel partners that make your trip easier and more comfortable. Here are some of my favorites, those you might not think about in the first way.

Ear plugs
Sometimes it’s the thin walls of your room. The baby crying in the plane. The snoring room mate. The bar downstairs. Whatever might prevent you from sleeping, it’s really annoying. Ear plugs help. I had to get used to the feeling, but since I wear them also while tunnel flying, it’s ok now. Just make sure you get soft ones you can sleep with.

Micro fibre towels
I love them. Drying your body with it may feel a little weird, but they dry fast and pack small. I always have them with me, for the beach, for having a shower, on the mountains, and so on. I bought them at Decathlon because there they are cheap too ;)

I love books. You know, that paper things. I refused to buy a Kindle for a long time because I love going to the book shop, selecting a nice book and hold it in my hands. Afterwards I put it into my shelf. But: on the road where you hate every extra kilo a Kindle is way more comfortable and easy. You can carry around many books and if you have read all of them – just go online and buy some more. I remember myself running around in Sri Lanka desperately searching for a good English book. Nothing. That sucks! With a Kindle you are prepared and it’s easy to throw into your backpack.

Washing gel in a tube
When you are travelling for a longer time, you have to wash your clothes. Sometimes there is no laundry, so a tube with washing gel is a good alternative. It’s also good for example when you go hiking or skydiving and one of your basic clothes like a jacket or jumpsuit gets dirty (like when I stumbled and fell into a puddle of mud with my fresh jumpsuit last summer).

Flip flops
Never ever skip flip flops! The cheap plastic ones I mean. Did you ever try to buy them for example in Stockholm in March? I bet you don’t. It’s almost impossible. I had to take a shower on a plastic bag, because I didn’t want to stand on the ground of the hostel (stupid 16 yo Lisal was only used to the four star hotels I visited with my parents). You never know how dirty the ground is, you might take them into your shower, you prefer to go to the beach with them because they dry fast, you can dance on the 20 year old carpet of your London room. Again. Never ever skip flip flops!!!

Bags for clothes
It’s a basic thing you can buy on Amazon f.e. These small bags with nets come in different sizes. I take one for “upper” and one for “lower” – which means tops and bottoms. I have one for socks and underwear. No more crawling in the backpack or bag because you can’t find your favorite shirt. I also have one separate bigger bag for the dirty laundry. This system makes you find your stuff easily.

Disinfection gel for hands
The small bottle can be taken into the cabin and you don’t need too look after a toilet to clean your hands. Especially in Sri Lanka I was pretty happy about it because the toilets there hardly had running water for your hands.

Plastic bags with zippers
You get them in every supermarket and I love them for smaller amounts of cosmetics (like the survival bag I usually carry with me on longer flights) or medication. You can close them with a little zipper, so nothing can fall out. Cheap and clever! Also usefull for example for headlamps where you want to make sure the batteries are kept dry, or for sunscreen tubes.

Travel cover for backpacks
Most backpacks have a rain cover, which is nice, but not easy enough to handle for the ground crew of airports. A big travel bag you can put over your backpack keeps all the straps together and prevents the backpack from getting dirty.

Small linen pouch
When I was a kid, we had them for our sports clothes. Now I love them for small stuff like lip balm, sun screen, keys and stuff like that. It’s big enough to carry a towel to the beach and you can also put your personal belongings into it and then into your backpack to keep them extra safe. They come in nice designs, so get over your childhood trauma and use them!

Extra bag for wet clothes
I usually take a shopping bag with me, one of these that come in small plastic balls or bags. They pack small and you can use it for carrying the wet bikini back to the hotel or if you go shopping for food, you can refuse taking one of the throw away plastic bags.

Small purse
I only carry a small amount of cash with me. And only either the bank card OR the credit card. So I also only need a small purse that saves space in my bag and prevents me from carrying too much stuff I don’t need.

Yes, and finally I usually dropbox all my travel documents, passport and health insurance card. You never know if you might need it someday.

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