Goodbye July and hello August

Hell, time passes by so fast! Some weeks ago we talked about the company holiday and that it was so far away and right now I enjoy it with cuddling up in bed long in the morning and planning my next trip!

July was a month with a lot of mixed feelings, and when I look back on it, it feels like it was a quiet month too. On the one hand, there was big joy and pleasure, on the other hand a deep black hole of sadness. I lost one of my skydiving friends, one I had a very special relationship with. Andy and I knew each other for over three years now and all our meetings were special. He was one of the most warm hearted persons I knew, a little crazy and he always knew how to build up people around him. Regardless what the exact reasons for this accidents might have been, it is still very sad, because it simply wasn’t necessary. It is the proof once again that in our over-regulated world and despite all the safety precautions in this sport, the human being is still the weak point.

We made a little farewell jump at the German Freefly Festival and held a minute of silence on the day he was buried. Even though I know he loved life and would have wanted us to enjoy the day, it was a sad moment. The whole festival was more silent than the years before, I think Andy was only one reason. The talks at the bonfire even when we were drunk were more serious, which I think is not too bad, but wouldn’t have happened two years ago. Less and different people, other load organizers, the gaps between the rockstars and normal people getting larger. Times change and I think that this boogie won’t be held too many times in the future, since it’s big times might be over. We had a little bad luck with the weather since it was windy and sometimes cloudy, but it was a great experience once again. You see so much progress going on, it is stunning.

At the first weekend of July I was at Niederöblarn with a crew of German jumpers to enjoy a small, almost private boogie. Again bad weather luck, but on the sunny day great jumps. I personally was a still a bit exhausted from Vectorfest and work, so I wasn’t too much into party and stuff. It was also kinda hard for me because I remembered last year and this time it was so very different. To be honest, I almost was glad when I was at home enjoying some silent hours.

At work we had the usual ups and downs, but due to my trips I could take it easy. I enjoyed more sports hours than before, but still not the amount I’d like to. A friend of mine told me I got fat – in that moment this was something that I absolutely couldn’t take. But hey – make a joke, play it cool…

I decided to seize the company holiday in a special way and booked a flight to Israel. The day after tomorrow I will be already at the airport in Vienna waiting for my flight. I am getting more and more excited and hope that this trip will give me some distance and energy I need to survive the crazy times that will follow after the company holiday due to the trade show. I want to mix cities and nature. Right now I have to figure out some travel details and prepare my stuff. I will go solo for 10 days, so I am absolutely free to change plans and do whatever I want :-) This trip means that I won’t be in Klatovy for the swoop competition, where I have been three years in a row now. I will miss it, but sometimes you just have to change your habits, right?

Right afterwards the Austrian Skydiving Nationals will take place. I am not competing, but I am working in the orga team. I can attend the event only in the evening and on the weekend, so I don’t think I will have too much work with it during the competition. It will be nice to meet some of the guys I rarely see though.

Maybe I can squeeze in another weekend at Klatovy at the end of the month, I’ll see. Somehow it feels like summer is over already – actually this is bullshit. But without any other boogies to go, it feels so different than the last years and maybe that’s the reason for it. And last year was so intense, so much filled with happiness and good times, so maybe even the good times won’t feel as good.

Soooo… let’s get some shit done. No time for being lazy right?



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