Haifa and Akko

The second stop after the chilled days in Tel Aviv was Haifa. I decided to stay there for a night and visit Akko from there, since I didn't want to stay for too long on the road. I took the train from Tel Aviv which I definitely can recommend. Air conditioned wagons, wifi, new trains... Continue Reading →

Lentil salad with young spinach

In between all the travel posts here is a quick recipe for a lovely salad. Lentils are actually really great for salads, and I almost forgot how nicely you can mix them until I had a great lentil meal in Mitzpe Ramon in Israel waiting for the meteor shower. I prepared this salad for two... Continue Reading →

I fell in love with Tel Aviv

I always made the experience that either I fall in love ¬†with a city instantly, or I will never. Falling in love with a city for me means enjoying the vibe, feeling comfortable, and the idea of living there feels good. Tel Aviv is one of these cities. I arrived during the afternoon heat, but... Continue Reading →

Traveling with El Al

"It's not an airline. It's Israel." That's El Al's slogan. Well... I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about how to get to Israel before getting into all my travel experiences. When I booked the flight, I was looking for a cheap one directly from Vienna with nice flying... Continue Reading →

Back from Israel

I am back. Not sure if I like that fact, and especially because I have to return to work tomorrow, but yeah, I am back. Luckily, the weather in Austria decided to be some kind of summer-like, otherwise I would have died because of freezing ;) I just enjoyed the first night in my own... Continue Reading →

Travel buddies in crime

When you hit the road, you love to have travel partners that make your trip easier and more comfortable. Here are some of my favorites, those you might not think about in the first way. Ear plugs Sometimes it's the thin walls of your room. The baby crying in the plane. The snoring room mate.... Continue Reading →

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