Tasty cabbage-meat-treat

This recipe was inspired by friends and can be extended just as you want.

Cabbage has become a pretty unsexy vegetable. Most of the recipes we have in Austria use it as side dish or combine it with greasy or heavy ingredients (pork meat, sausages and stuff). But I remember the wonderful taste of cabbage salad when I was at my grandma’s place. I still love it, but to be honest, I also rarely  use it for my dishes. After trying this one, I might change that – super easy, lovely variations possible and really tasty.

I got a whole cabbage from my colleague fresh from the garden – use young, fresh ones only, they taste better.

For two complete meals I used:
– 3/4 of a whole cabbage
– 400 gr of minced meat (I used chicken)
– 1 pepper bell
– 1 fresh onion and a pice of garlic
– a little bit of olive oil
– salt, pepper, chili powder or something similar (I used the “Turboscharfes Gewürz” by just spices)

Cut the cabbage in small stripes or pieces and roast it in the olive oil together with peppers,  onion and garlic. If you wish to have it soft, add a little water and let it boil until it is vanished. Otherwise just add the minced meat and let it roast together until the meat is done. Add the spices and let it rest a little on low heat. That’s it. Alltogether it took me about 15-20 mins and you can clean up the kitchen while it is roasting :-)

I also added a bit of sour cream on top and some grated cheddar. I think goat cheese might also taste lovely when you stir it in and let it melt a little. If you are really hungry some potatoes from the oven or some crusty bread might also be a nice partner in crime. Maybe even pasta works. Such a lovely way to use meat and leftovers in your fridge!

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