Fly Free Andy…

Initially I was planning a post about living and dying in skydiving. But it is still so sad and I am still in kind of a vacuum, so I just copy my facebook post from yesterday and think about all these things later…

there are those moments you’ll never forget, and yesterday night was one of them. unfortunately not a good one. it was when Romain informed me in the most gentle way (if somehow possible) about what has happened at flanders boogie some hours before, because he didn’t want me to find out via fb (and I am endlessly grateful for that). I am aware this sport comes with some risks and loosing friends is somehow part of it. but you know what? right now I don’t give a fuck about this awareness, about what might have happened, whose fault it was, if it was bad luck, coincidence or other reasons, because the only thing that counts is that he is no longer with us and yesterday at that point of time I thought everything was ok and we would jump at saarlouis together.

when I first met that guy I thought of him as the crazy german who chopped his new crossfire straight over the highway at chalon on the first day of vectorfest and he thought of me of an arrogant austrian girly. but as time passed by things have changed :-) I can’t even say we became super close friends, but somehow a strange craziness was between us and that made it very special every time we spent time together.

when I last met him at Niederöblarn, I had shitloads of thoughts running through my mind and it wasn’t the easiest time for me, but as usual, as soon as we met and when we fooled around, I could forget everything else. it was all good. hey and he carried my beer boxes for my beerlines!
andy, I just watched our epic jump at DFFF 2015. when you’re jumping 200-300 times a year, it’s hard to remember the single jumps, but this one and the happiness we had in our face afterwards will stay in my mind forever. not even now I could cry because it just feels so unreal that I won’t see you again and have the chance to make another jump like that. I am very very happy that we got incredibly drunk on your last birthday in klatovy and shared that crazy party night. I will miss your energy that charged my batteries when feeling down, I will miss the great jumps, I will miss your smiles that made me happy in freefall and on ground, I will miss your hugs and kisses that built me up when I was grumpy, insecure or sad. you will be missed by many many people and leave a gap that won’t be filled. fly free, schätzelein…


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