Wheeeee Lisal goes to Israel!

While outside the soft sound of rain calms the hot streets of Linz, I am super excited: I am going to Israel! Why what when how? Ok let’s take it step by step.

My company has an official company holiday during the first two weeks of August. I was looking around, but no bigger skydiving event takes place during these two weeks. And due to the fact that I am suffering from big big wanderlust and want to see more from the world and definitely want to go somewhere else than a dropzone (even though of course skydiving trips are great), I decided that I should develop a plan where I could go. Not too expensive, interesting from a cultural or natural point of view and also not too far away since I don’t have too much time. And then an idea grew in my mind…

I was somehow always fascinated by Israel. All the culture, the cities, the history and also the fact that I know only little about the area there made me interested in visiting that country. Just be there once. One day I thought. Then I had a little talk with some people and all of them convinced me that I could go there solo and shouldn’t worry too much. So I looked for flights and since it is peak summer there, they were too cheap to say no. I instantly booked for August 4 and I will stay for 10 days. Israel is also a good destination for such a trip, because the flight time is only 3.5 hs and the time difference only 1h. So there won’t be days of traveling there and no jetlag. The country is rather compact and the distances are not too far, therefore it’s rather quick to visit different locations. You have mountains, desert, cities, lakes and sea if you wish. Sounds great, right? Ah and don’t forget all the amazing food I love so much.

I’m not pretty sure about the route but I will definitely stay in Tel Aviv for the first night and enjoy a relaxed evening after arriving in the afternoon. Then I will probably head over to Jerusalem for some days. Betlehem is also on the list and maybe also the lake Genesareth. I also have some other ideas, but I will see. For sure, I also want to enjoy Tel Aviv for a few days. So I think I will dedicate one day during the next weekend to make up my full travel plan. I know it will be hot – but hey, after the last weeks of “summer” in Austria I am definitely up for some heat baby! So let’s count the days until another Pink Hornet trip…

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