Summer beetroot salad with goat cheese

I already mentioned once that I truly love beetroot. Here is a nice summer recipe with it, which came to my place from Klatovy, to be exact from a lovely booth where they sold vegetarian delicacies. I just adapted it a bit and it’s super simple.

For me as a quick dinner snack I took:

1,5 cooked beetroots
2 hands of arugula
some nuts (cashews, walnuts, pecan, whatever you want)
for seasoning: lemon, salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil
and the most important thing on top: goat cheese (the one that comes in rolls)

Yes that’s it! Mix it, let it rest for 5 mins and then enjoy. It’s simple but awesome. I think it’s the mix of very strong tastes and the combination of the spicy arugula and soft beetroot that makes it so special. And on top the creamy soft goat cheese… You should definitely give it a try I’d say ;)

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