Hey June, make it a month to remember

Sitting at the breakfast table, a cup of green tea in front of me… sounds pretty much like my time in Sri Lanka, right?

Well, almost. I am in Germany right now, in Bad Saulgau to be exact, and it‘s raining cats and dogs. It should have been a nice relaxed weekend at the freefly fest, but unfortunately the weather is shit right now and I arrived yesterday night pretty late and exhausted due to work. I had to stay in the office until 5 and with nice traffic jam on the highway it took me 5,5 hours to get here.

I was thinking to stay at home yesterday, the forecast was rather mixed and it was clear that I would get on the road really late. But on the other hand I needed to get out after the last weeks and so I thought „fuck it“ and hit the road.

The last month was pure stress. Even though there were many days off because of official holidays, the days in the office were long and everyone under pressure. To be honest, there were also many days where I was driving home frustrated, tired and sometimes even crying. I don‘t know how, but somehow we have to find a way to deal with all this, because otherwise the whole marketing department will collapse until the big trade show in October. There were those days where I needed a hug so urgently, but nobody was there. I was disappointed by a person I called a friend and so many thoughts were running through my head that kept me also from sleeping.

My knee is still hurting and I can hardly do any other sports than cycling. Such a shame, right now where the weather is getting better, but hey. I hope it will get better during the next days. I miss zooming around with my road bike and running in the sunset. I hope I can jump, at least there will be loads of ass landings ;-)

June is the month of my birthday and yeaaah I will spend it on Vector festival, the biggest skydiving event during summer in Europe. I know we will have a good time there and finally I can enjoy some holiday. The week after there is the boogie organized by Freie Radikale in Niederöblarn, this stunning little village in the mountains, where last year something real good started.

I cannot say I am super optimistic, but I refuse to be sad and depressed too much. Even though life keeps challenging me there must be something really really good waiting for me. Like the light at the horizon. And complaining won‘t make it any better. So at least I try to keep my head up, fight through my whole projects and keep on going. Cause life‘s too short to be sad, right?


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