Sometimes it’s just not your day…

It’s been a little quiet during the last week, but I’ve had a filled schedule with doing tandem videos on the weekend, working looooong every day and some evening events too. I also started my project , which is a blog I want to fill with all the crazy stories I experience in my everyday life, always funny and with a positive attitude. It’s in German, so if you want, you can catch up.

This week was a short one because we had a national holiday. I seized the sunny day without any drop zone engagements to take a nice ride on my road bike before heading to Wels for some funjumps (also the contribution jump for my colleague’s wedding video). I really missed cycling outdoors and I love it to zoom around next to the danube. It makes me feel so free, almost like flying, and it’s the perfect way to think things through and clear your mind. It seemed that I finally could get rid of all the stress and on Friday, after a lovely brunch with friends, I was super motivated to organize some coach jumps in the afternoon.

Actually, I also did those jumps. And after jumping with one of my last year’s students and being very proud of him, I also might have been a little too over motivated for landing. There was no wind, to be exact I even had a little wind in my back and I wanted to slide in elegantly on my soles and then run a few steps. But I was clumsy enough to put down my left foot too early and stopped the complete landing power with my left knee, which is still a little bitchy after the skiing crash end of January. Yeah, lovely. I felt the pain immediately and fell down in a crazy landing roll. I needed about 10 mins to be able to walk back, and it wasn’t really walking but more a penguin mode.

I tried to cool it and stuff, but yesterday in the morning I hardly could walk since my knee was swollen to a huge ball. It was the day of our state championships and I should have jumped. Aaaaahm. No. I was sitting on the drop zone the whole day, trying to feel not useless, watching the others having a nice jump day. Arghl. I had a nice schedule of packing ice packs and pain killer salve and curd cheese on it and helped a little with the students. What a nice Saturday…

Fortunately, today it is already a lot better. It’s not that swollen anymore and I can walk better. Still, I’ll be good and don’t do any crazy stuff. Because I really, really have to be fit for next weekend for the boogie in Bad Saulgau. Really! Really really! I guess there will be a lot of ass landings, but who cares, as long as I can be in the sky with lovely people I love to wash my jump suit more often ;)

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