Vegan red thai asparagus curry

Well asparagus might not be the first vegetable you think of when you cook thai curry. But actually, in Thailand they have a special thin and very delicious asparagus and since I had loads of fresh green beauty from the local farmers in my fridge, I made a nice and very spicy vegan thai curry with tofu, green veggies and nuts. I paired it with classic basmati rice, I just love this combination.

Since I cooked it for me alone I took:
– one small cup of rice
– a little piece of zucchini
– 6 spears of green asparagus (medium size)
– a piece of spring onion
– a hand full of broccoli
– one pice of tofu, size of my palm and 1 cm thick
– a few cashew nuts
– two table spoons of red thai curry paste
– two tea spoons of coconut oil
– half a can of low fat coconut milk
– a lot of fresh coriander

I cook the rice with the double amount of water, but I don’t add any salt. Since I love my curries very spicy, plain rice without any herbs calms my tongue ;-)

I cut all the other ingredients in cubes and put the sensitive asparagus tips apart. The rest is roasted shortly in coconut oil, don’t let it get too much colour. After some minutes I add the thai paste and after another minute the coconut milk. A little bit of salt is always necessary, regardless how spicy the paste might be (and how much you use). I throw in the nuts and let it boil for 2-3 minutes before I reduced the heat. When you see that the rice is slowly getting ready (which means that the water is soaked up), add the asparagus tips. They don’t need so long in the heat and you still have them crisp. The coriander goes in as well and then I give it another 3-4 minutes. If it gets too sticky, then add a little water.

Of course this curry works with meat or fish as well. You can also add other cereals like quinoa or use noodles. The good thing is, if you cook more, you can perfectly heat it up again on the next day. Curries are the perfect single person food, so try and vary guys!

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