April, May the force be with you

Already another month over. As you can see in the number of my posts, it was a very busy one. Especially at work there was hardly a day to rest and so I was often just too tired to share some nice things with you.

We are fully stuck into the preparations for a big trade show and also try to move forward in one of the bigger campaigns. Endless hours of discussions, texting, thinking, restructuring and long days. Unfortunately a lot of things are done in an inefficient way, but it’s hard to change old structures.

Concerning sports, I also had some struggles to squeeze in the amount of sports I wanted due to work. Most of the times I could, but it meant that I came home even later. So my daily routine was: get up, go to work, work out, get home, grab a bite to eat, prepare breakfast, try to relax, go to bad. The only good thing is, that sunset time is later now and with a bit of daylight, it’s easier to motivate yourself. Still, I felt exhausted and tired on lots of the days. The weather was pretty mixed, from sun to snow and rain, we had it all and yeah, going to work at foggy minus 3 degrees in the morning isn’t really a good start.

The highlights definitely were getting the new tattoo and the weekend I spent in Vienna flying with friends from Germany. Initially I hadn’t planned to take part in the camp (even though I knew that they would be there), but then one of the girls asked me I was there and so I booked some of my staff time. When I arrived the first question was (or let’s say it was more a statement), you fly with us right? So I had awesome times sharing with awesome people, most of them a lot better than me and teaching me so much just by the way. It was a great feeling not working on stuff I have to improve but just having fun and realizing what I already can. It was so good and I was so happy that I just didn’t give a fuck about that one person who is working there and this felt so good. We had beer and Schnitzel, a little stroll through the city, I met new faces and we talked about life. Sure, it was rather strange because of course some of them wondered what went wrong between me and Mr. H, but hey, since I’m not angry or upset about what has happened, it was ok. And we made some plans for the upcoming season. I went home with a smile and that weekend gave me a lot of power for the last week of the month.

We already enjoyed some really nice jumps and even had the first demo jump (which worked out perfectly and we had good fun). There was the first angle weekend with an instructor from Vienna and we rocked the skies!

Last week, we finally handed over the keys of my moms old flat. It was time to close that chapter. It felt strange that I somehow lost my home, even though it wasn’t really “home” for many years now. And yes, I had a sentimental moment.

So May, what do you offer? First of all: a lot of holidays and therefore long weekends. I love it! Time to relax, to take a step back, maybe do the one or another trip and enjoy the warmer days. Enjoy good jumps and good times. I hope the atmosphere at office will be a bit more relaxed too. I will start the cycling and vespa season and we will see what else will happen. Because one year ago I just had lost my job and this year proved it: sometimes your life is like a shampoo bottle, you have to place it upside down to get more out of it ;)


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