Sometimes it’s just not your day…

It's been a little quiet during the last week, but I've had a filled schedule with doing tandem videos on the weekend, working looooong every day and some evening events too. I also started my project , which is a blog I want to fill with all the crazy stories I experience in my... Continue Reading →

Honored and proud: charity exhibition

Today I got a wonderful notification. Some weeks ago I took part in an instagram project, where igersaustria was looking for pictures which show something "without borders" for a charity exhibition for Medics without Borders. I chose a few of my pictures and hashtagged it with #ohnegrenzen2016 and the wonderful picture of us tracking along... Continue Reading →

Vegan red thai asparagus curry

Well asparagus might not be the first vegetable you think of when you cook thai curry. But actually, in Thailand they have a special thin and very delicious asparagus and since I had loads of fresh green beauty from the local farmers in my fridge, I made a nice and very spicy vegan thai curry... Continue Reading →

Likes that define you?

A few days ago I found the picture above on Instagram. Besides the fact that a real photo of naked boobs would be immediately deleted, it shows something alarming. That especially women, might them be so called fitgirls or models or just "normal" next door people tend to expose themselves more and more just to... Continue Reading →

50 shades of green – asparagus time!

Ok or almost. Yeah! It's one of my favourite times of the year. Finally the wonderful, tasty, healthy and green asparagus grows again and I started binge-eating that stuff last Friday. I am lucky, green asparagus is pretty typical for the area where I live and so just have to drive to a well known... Continue Reading →

Finally there is a Klatovy video

Yeah, finally I made it!  I was too busy and tired during the last weeks and so it took me a while to finish a little edit about the nice trip to Klatovy. Most of the video happens in the sky - obviously the stuff that happened on the ground was more interesting than carrying... Continue Reading →

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