Lovely bulgur salads

Summer is coming up and so it is salad season again. Besides the usual veggie salads with all kinds of toppings, I also love variations with grains, pasta, potatoes and other hearty stuff. Especially when I plan sports activities or when I am on the dropzone I need something that has more power than some lettuce with a piece of bread.

One kind of grains I truly love to eat is bulgur. It is similar to couscous, and I find it a little bit more loose, so better suited for mixing. It’s rather neutral too, so you can mix it with literally everything. Some people are afraid of the carbs, but hey, no carbs, no fun, and for lunch I just need something that gives me some energy for the rest of the day.

You might recognize that I often just give you ideas of how to prepare meals, and so I will do now. For the variation on the (not too good) picture above I chose:

  • cherry tomatoes,
  • half a small avocado
  • half a can of tuna
  • a piece of cucumber
  • some goat cheese
  • a hand full of olives
  • a bit of coriander
  • a hand full of cashews
  • a piece of green pepper

I seasoned it with olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, garlic and a super spicy mix of chilis. I love the combination of grains and goat cheese and I think avocado and tuna also fit perfectly. Some other ideas might be:

  • grilled chicken or other meat
  • other kinds of vegetables you find
  • tofu (to keep it vegan)
  • soy beans
  • pomegranate and blood orange as well as rhubarb
  • ham or bacon
  • a hard boiled or poached egg

And I’m sure I will stumble over many other ideas ;-)

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  1. This is the first time that I heard about bulgur but this really got me interested. I’ll research more about it and try to find it in our local stores. Thank you for sharing! :)

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