Chickpea spread – hummus (vegan)

I love love love hummus. In Austria it took a while until this delicious spread found it’s way into normal supermarkets, but nowadays we even have a few different variations next to the plain ones. I could eat it every day with vegetables, on bread, with meat, with fish, even just the hummus alone.

But have you ever taken a closer look onto the ingredient list? You should. Many of them are mixed with sugar or other ingredients that shouldn’t be in a natural product. Some don’t have the sugar in the hummus itself, but in the toppings. So in my preferred supermarket, there is only one brand left which I would buy. And exactly this brand and all my favourite variations are often sold out.

But hummus isn’t a big deal to make on your own. And you can vary it just the way you want. All you need is a few ingredients and you will have a cheap, totally healthy hummus alternative to the stuff in the stores (even though of course I will buy it there too):

For the base take:
1 can of cooked chickpeas
a bit of salt
lemon juice
a bit of garlic powder
a teaspoon of olive or sesame oil

I put it all together into my blender and mix it. You can also squeeze it with a fork and mix it. That’s it. Use as much juice and oil as you want. Some people like it sticky, some more like a cream. Feel free to vary!

You can either eat it plain or season it. You might use:
– spicy chili and curry (as I did today, that’s why it is so yellow)
– a bit of special vinegars (like my lovely calamansi vinegar I put in it today)
– coriander, parsley, mint
– sesame-paste or other oriental spice pastes
– dried tomato pieces
– and many other things. Just try and discover!


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