Art on skin – Linzer Tattooatelier

You might have recognized that I have several tattoos on various parts of my body. Smaller ones, bigger ones, but all of them have a certain meaning and I love them all.

I started rather late with getting tattoos, when I was over 25 to be precise. My first one was my wings and heart tattoo and it was very small. The others came shortly afterwards.

One day I had a new idea, but didn’t knew how to get a design. All I knew was that I wanted an arrow and I wanted it in watercolor style. So what to do? As often in life, the parts that should be together find each others.

I stumbled over Julia’s instagram account one day when I was lazy and was completely in love with her style right on the first view. It was exactly what I wanted. So I filled out the contact form and hoped for the best.

Soon afterwards I got an answer and visited her in her tattoo studio. They opened shortly before – Julia doing absolutely wonderful watercolor tattoos and Eva specialised on dotworks. The studio makes you feel at home. No cold and white walls, more like a living room, cosy and welcoming, good music and a relaxed atmosphere. There is no crowd in a row waiting for their appointment, it’s more like meeting friends.

While having a cup of coffee you discuss your idea and how the placement could be. What colors, if you had already some ideas or wishes. Julia sent the design a few days later -every one a unique piece of art. We only needed small corrections and the great thing is, in both cases, my arrow and the extension of my ribcage quote, she finalized the details right on my skin. Both fit perfectly on the body. Everything is just perfect – the size, the colors, the placement and in the case of my ribcage also the combination with the old tattoo.

It’s hard to find a tattoo artist you fully trust and who meets your taste so perfectly. I enjoy the feeling that I don’t have to worry about a design or that anyone else has the same motif because it’s somewhere from the internet. Even though it always hurts (and damn, the last one was a tough challenge), I love the relaxed hours with Julia, talking about life and all kinds of stuff while listening to exactly the music I also love and then being super excited to see it for the first time. So – if you want a great dotwork or watercolor tattoo and are close to Linz you should definitely visit ;)


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