Oven baked pancakes

Well, on the first view pancakes might sound like a lot of sugar, unhealthy and more or less a dessert. But since there is this pancake craze all around, you even find a lot of healthier, sugar free variations.

The pancakes in this recipe are oven baked – which means even complete cooking dumbasses will be able to prepare them, since there is no sticking in a pan ;-) It is inspired by miss gruenkern and her blog: http://foodnphoto.de/ and it is very, very simple.

For one very hungry person or two people who also had something else for breakfast or as a dessert, I squeezed one small ripe banana and mixed it with one egg, 65 grams of flour (also full grain flour works), a bit of baking powder and about 100 ml of milk (depending on the kind of flour maybe a little bit more). For a little bit more taste you can add vanilla, cocoa or as I did coconut. You can also use all other kinds of milk. Let it rest for about 15 mins and then put it into a pan, on a griddle, or into a baking dish. I used baking paper so I didn’t need any oil or fat. Bake it for about 15 min on 180 °C. And then: enjoy. Depending on how thick you put it into the dish, it will be like a cake or like a huge pancake. I added greek yoghurt with passion fruit, but basically all kinds of fruits or creams work fine. Nom nom nom!


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