The beauty of daily moments

After the last busy weeks with a filled schedule and therefore lots of stress, it’s time to re-organize my life, set up new goals and plans and also to come down a bit. I realized that I need a little bit more balance in my life.

On the one hand I get this with better caring of myself in a physical way. That means I take more time for sports to challenge my body more. I need that in order to sleep well and feel that all my systems are running. I cook a lot more and feed me with better food.

On the other hand I want to invest a little bit more time in finding the good and beautiful daily moments. Actually you don’t even take your time like you have to when you want to squeeze in a run after work and before you’re meeting people. No, it’s more an open mind to those things you stumble over every day.

Since I started skydiving I am always watching the skies. The air up there, that is simply the element where I somehow belong to and which gives me strength and relaxation. You might say, uuuhm, there’s not much to see? But that’s not true. Clouds, sun, birds or planes, and wonderful sunsets and sunrises are all up there. My new way to work takes me over the hills of the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel, those soft and green hills, with beautiful fogs in the morning and the sun rising between them. Or with purple sunsets when I go home.  Those moments are so beautiful and fill me with a soft warm feeling, and I am fully relaxed when I arrive at my destination. No, I am not getting somehow strange, but have you ever experienced the power of the low sunbeams when the sun rises or goes down? If not, you definitely should.

But there is so much more. The flowers waking up after the winter, the warm feeling of the first spring sun beams, the moment when you and your colleagues laugh out so loudly and have the greatest coffee break for weeks. That moment when you take a walk and suddenly stop because the song in your earphones just fits so perfectly to what you see at that very moment that you almost feel a sweet pain in your heart.

All you have to do is to keep your eyes open. It will need some time until you find your inspirations and sources of daily beauty, but I am sure everyone has some of them. And yes, I know, we all are always in a hurry and it’s hard to stay positive when your schedule is full and you just want to get out of it. I currently suffer from exactly that problem. I am tired and exhausted too. I hardly can relax because my mind is running with hundreds of thoughts and tasks. But I decided everything gets so much easier when you have a good feeling inside, so that there has to be always some time to fully feel the beauty of a simple moment. To take a breath, smile and go on. It’s the small things that count. And when my heart, mind and soul is open enough to find the small things that make me happy even in the thunderstorm of my daily life, then I am sure to find the big things that make me happy too….

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