Oh hello March, goodbye February

With a little tunnel delay some thoughts on February.

Looking back, this month seems so short on the first view, I hardly remember the single days (even though it was a leap year). But when I take a closer look, there was actually really a lot going on.

First of all, I started with my new job. It is a bit short to really have a deep understanding of what will come up, but I am sure there will be many challenges and interesting topics. The team is great. My bosses try to change a lot currently and we even started working out as a group and had a party last Friday. I feel pretty comfortable, even though of course suddenly working in a traditional company with over 1700 people only at my location was a bit of a culture shock. It is great to have a normal schedule and projects to work on.

I was lucky to meet an old friend from my EYP days in Vienna and we had a nice breakfast on one of the first spring days. Nice to talk about old days and fool around.

Concerning sports, of course the skiing crash threw me back a little. I had to take a break and could start my motivated program later than expected. I still feel it and have to be careful with some movements, also when I am tunnel flying. But I could fly well the last days and also careful running on flat ground works. Hope it will get better soon because….

… the skydiving season is officially open! Okay, not officially, but I made my first two jumps last Saturday. It was so awesome to be back on the huge playground and zoom around! And I saw how much progress I made in the months of flying in the tunnel. What a feeling! We will have the official season opening on the Easter weekend, but I will spend those days in Klatovy for the 30 years Pink Boogie. Hope the weather will be good, cause we want to rock the skies!

And another great thing: my new kitchen. Now, where everything is at it’s place, I really can enjoy all that clean space and the new gadgets to the fullest (dishwasher!!!). But to be honest, the renovation where I had to do so much with my hurting knee like painting, carrying around heavy stuff and all that dirt and chaos really brought me to my limits. I felt left alone (well in fact I was alone) and exhausted because I of course still had to go to work and all in all it was really a lot to handle.

What made it even more difficult was the fact that in my private life there is a lot of rollercoaster riding again. It seems that there is always something…

So to conclude, February was a crazy, stressful end of a long and turbulent winter and March will be the month of new starts and restructuring. Spring is a good season for such projects. And when summer will finally arrive, everything will be good. Maybe ;-)


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