Power Places

Have you ever had the feeling, that a certain place has a special energy and power? That you can charge your batteries, gain back your confidence and you feel simply happy there? I have been to several places where I had that feeling. Sometimes for longer times, sometimes just for a few hours. But the... Continue Reading →

A bit about meal prep

If you look around in social media, meal prep seems to be an ultimate must for all healthy living people who work out, "eat clean" and want to be fit. Suddenly Tupperware gets the it-piece at work and everyone wants to brag around with lovely glasses and jars with homemade food in it. But wait... Continue Reading →

The beauty of daily moments

After the last busy weeks with a filled schedule and therefore lots of stress, it's time to re-organize my life, set up new goals and plans and also to come down a bit. I realized that I need a little bit more balance in my life. On the one hand I get this with better... Continue Reading →

Change is the only constant

When I learned something in my 31 years of life, it is that there is one thing for sure: there will always be change. People come and go, kids are born, people die, weather is good, on the next day it's bad. The world changes around us so fast we hardly can keep pace. In... Continue Reading →

The small steps are the hardest

Tired on the couch, relaxing ┬áthe aching body, a cup of tea. Chillout mode after the great camp in Prague the last days. After catching some airtime in free fall on Saturday, I enjoyed 1,5 hs in the windy tube in Prague together with friends and one of our favourite coaches Kristian Moxnes. Whenever you... Continue Reading →

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