Back in the skies

Yesss! Today was the day! Due to the sunny weather we organized jumping on the DZ even though there are still some weeks until the official season starts. Ok, it was freezing cold up in 4000 m (-20 °C) and after opening the chute I had the feeling my fingers have been cut off (which actually even got worse when they warmed up while packing). While I was sitting in the Caravan and ascending over the cold landscape with a stunning view to the mountains I was a bit more nervous than usual – which is normal after a 4 months break.

My first jump after this break was a supernice 5way head down and it felt so good to have more self confidence than ever after this intense tunnel winter. On the second jump it was only four of us but we had a more difficult briefing and it was really great fun. It was so good to feel the wind and see the horizon and this endless sky which is just a huge playground, without glass walls, without that incredible noise and the time counter. I mean I love the tunnel – but there is nothing that beats that moment and the feeling of letting go from the plane and zoom around in the sky.

Unfortunately my knee decided that two jumps are more than enough. Right now I also feel a bit exhausted after the last weeks and all the evenings out and so I just enjoyed the sun a bit before I went home to relax. And take a hot shower :-D

On the day after tomorrow we will return to Prague to have a tunnel camp with Mox for the last time of this winter. I am really looking forward to this and curious how it will feel after a month without tunnel. And hopefully I can finally calm down and relax properly on the three days off….

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