Vegan beetroot soup

It might sound funny, but unless many other kids I’ve always loved beetroot. Especially as salad, which was on the table pretty often during winter times, because my mum learned us what to eat when and beetroot simply is a winter vegetable. In my opinion, beetroot is definitely underestimated – you can cook some many nice dishes like chutneys, puree, risotto or salads with it.

On a wet and windy day and after an intense TRX workout I made a really quick vegan beetroot soup and I will have some left for the next days too, since there is almost nothing that cooks in or is thrown away.

I took:

-400 grams of peeled, cooked beetroot
– a bit of coconut oil
– 1 onion
– 1 can of coconut milk
– salt, pepper, hot chili powder, garlic and a bit of organic veggie soup powder
– a little bit of lemon juice

Please wear rubber gloves, those single use ones, because otherwise your hands will be purple for some days ;) I cut the beetroot in small cubes and roast it together with the cut onion in the coconut oil. After some minutes you add as much water as you need to cover the vegetables. Add the soup powder and let it cook for some minutes. Then take the blender stick and blend it until it is creamy. I personally prefer to have some cubes left, but that’s up to you. Add the coconut milk, the spices (you probably will need pretty much salt and garlic, since the beetroot is rather neutral) and let it boil for some minutes. Watch out, if you are not careful enough, your whole kitchen will look like a murder scene ;-)

If you have, put some fresh parsley on top, I think that makes a good mix. To get some proteines in, you can take nuts like almonds or cashews, goat cheese (ok the not so vegan version), smoked fish (aaah not vegan again) or as I did smoked tofu. I just pour the soup over it and thats it. Look at that crazy colour! Happiness in a bowl :-)

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