New in: Thermos jar for food

In my new office there is a restaurant, but unfortunately there is no microwave. I know that they are cooking with a lot of convenience products and therefore I don’t want to eat there everyday. And how can I get warm food for lunch too?

The thermo pot is the solution. After an intense Amazon research evening I decided to take the one by Thermos. It is compact, takes 700 ml and easy to clean (only the jar, the lid and a small cup). It is rather heavy, so for the hikers there might be lighter solutions.

When I got it, I was a bit sceptic. It seemed small and the opening rather narrow too. I gave it a try with veggie stew. And was surprised.

I pre-heated up the jar with hot water (I’m preparing tea every morning anyways), and the food too. The opening is way enough to fill it in. And when I opened it an noon (which means about 5-6 hrs later) it was still hot. Not burning hot, ok, but enough to have a nice warm meal. There is enough space for a proper meal, I filled in what is a normal portion for me and there was still space left. So also when you want to take “spacious” food with you like pasta, there will be enough to feed you. I think it works best with food that is dense, like curries, stews, pasta, couscous and soups. And I will definitely try the cooling version too, this would be a nice thing to bring food to dropzones where there is no fridge available. The lid is super tight, so no stains or drops in your bag.

It was around 50 EUR, but I’d say worth every cent. There are smaller sizes too, so for the ones to have warm porridge at work or on the way, this might also be a good idea. I think you can put it into the dishwasher (except the lid due to the silicone ring), but since it is stainless steel without and bends or corners, it is very easy to clean by hand. Absolute recommendation!

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