Clean and Fruity Proteine Snack

Due to my daily schedule most of my workouts have to happen in the evening. Since I need 35 mins back to the city and I usually work until 5 or later, it’s clear, that my “dinners” are rather late and I get hungry straight before or during sports. What has happened in the past was that I went to town hungry and then grabbed a dry bun or something on the way and had some food with more or less many proteines after training. I decided that I need another plan and started to make my own pre-workout-boosters the same time I started the new work. I refuse to use supplements and artificial powders and I prefer something at least to bite a little instead of a shake. And there is one ingredient, that is easy to combine and easy to handle: curd cheese.

On the pic you see the fruity version with raspberry and mango. You can also mix it with savory stuff like ham, tuna or whatever – but honestly, when I am at work, maybe drinking an espresso with it, the sweet version is a lot better. I usually prepare a little more, because it is also super nice as a breakfast.

For the cream I mix 1 package of low fat curd cheese with 1 small low fat yogurt. If you want you can add a little bit of agave syrup or honey. I also add a tea spoon of hemp proteine. Acai powder, grated coconut is also nice. And then you can take whatever fruits you find in your fridge. This time I took frozen raspberries and a ripe mango and made puree out of both (well actually the mango was more in very little pieces since I just used the cutter). Put it into a nice glass in layers, so that it also looks great. And that’s it. I store it in the fridge and take it out about half an hour before eating. If you wish, you can top it with nuts or berries. My personal opinion is that bananas, mangos, berries or apple sauce are the best combinations.

The rest is usually my breakfast on the next morning. Usually there is always some fruit left so I just either make layers again or mix it. Some muesli on top or popped Quinoa makes it a full meal that definitely will last until lunch. Isn’t that great for 15 mins of work?


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