Hurry hurry hurry

It’s Sunday (Valentine’s day oh yeah) and I am cuddling up in my bed – in the middle of a chaos consisting of cooking supplies, dishes, pots, glasses and wine bottles.

Yes – my new kitchen is there. Monday evening the owner of my flat called me and told me that we have to build it up this weekend. Damn! Because the last week was already full of meetings, things to do and I knew, that it will be a struggle to get everything in plus removing all stuff from the kitchen.

Tuesday was Faschingsdienstag – which is the last day of carnival in Austria and therefore the peak of this nonsense. Luckily, at my new company they don’t celebrate it. But we made a nice marketing lunch and I promised to make chili. Good idea, but I also had to squeeze in some sports on Monday and start with the kitchen. On Wednesday, I finally met with a friend in the evening and I didn’t want to postpone it again after all these weeks (or months?). Same on Thursday. I always came home and started to move things immediately. On Friday I had to work until 3 pm, then rushed home where they already removed the kitchen and I “just” had to clean a bit and paint the walls. Until 11 pm. And yesterday at 8 am, they started to build it up.

You know, I hate such weeks. Even though I enjoyed the time with the girls, I also had a bad conscience because I should do something else. Same with sports. I was always in a hurry, had to get up super early and was tired and stressed all week long. I was in a bad mood as soon as I left the office and I am afraid that I also pissed off people like M already. Even though there still are some topics with him in my mind, I surely won’t make it any better when I am a grumpy bitch. I know that, but when I am a little overworked, I can’t stand too many good advices. What would really help would be a nice word in the evening, something that makes me smile in the middle of this chaos. But since this didn’t happened, I even got more bitchy. Gnah. :-/ The best thing during the last days definitely where the very early morning rides to work, with my thermo-bottle with tea in my hand and the beautiful countryside sunsets in front of me. I really love the fact that I don’t have to drive through half of the city stuck in a traffic jam and I am totally relaxed when I arrive at the office.

Still, the new kitchen is awesome. They couldn’t finish the details yesterday, so they will come back tomorrow in the morning, but I already enjoy my new fridge (no dripping, a working freezer!!!) and of course my dishwasher! It is so nice to have the dirty dishes in there after eating and that’s it! The whole room looks bigger and tidier and I will start cooking this evening. Ok, I have to put all the stuff back into their new places, but ok, that’s nice work. And I have to clean it up. Hell there’s a mess in my whole flat :-O

Tomorrow I will test my new thermo-foodpot for work. I bought it in order to bring food like pasta, curries, stew or chili to work and have something warm for lunch without a microwave (because we don’t have one). It could also be nice to bring porridge or soups. I will keep you updated how it works, but the producer says it keeps stuff warm for 9 hours! That would be so nice! I don’t necessarily need warm lunches in summer, but right now, having nothing warm to eat the whole day is not the way I like it (because late in the evening I am often to lazy too cook). Let’s see how it works. A detailed post about the pot will follow after the field tests ;-)

Aaaand: I will try running today. My knee still hurts a bit, but I want to see if I can think of skydiving when there is the chance to make some jumps. Fingers crossed!



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