Spicy vegan lentil salad

So this was my first week in the new job. Actually there was a little culture shock after my time in Vienna and one part of it was the cafeteria. I only had a company restaurant at Trotec and it was more an opportunity to order food instead of a real cafeteria. Well, at Engel we have such a restaurant and I have to say, it’s not too bad.

Still, after having had four lunches there (also because of socializing reasons of course) and already trying to avoid fat, heavy meals where I cannot be too sure what the ingredients are, it was time for a little healthy bomb today. I just realized that I felt a bit bloated and not too good – seems that my body is spoiled by my own cooked food ;-)

I won’t give you a detailed recipe this time, but some tips how to make it.

I cooked the yellow lentils (because they just need 12 mins of cooking) yesterday in the evening, so they could cool down. It saves you time and is rather easy while you do some other homework or have a shower. Also, I cut all the veggies except the avocado already yesterday: peppers, tomatoes, leek in my case. You can be creative and take whatever is left in the fridge – I think there won’t be any vegetable that wouldn’t taste good. You can also add meat or fish if you want (well then it won’t be vegan heheh), also grilled tofu might be a nice idea. If you have a cooked egg – throw it in! I prepared the veggies in the lunchbox and put everything in the fridge.

Today in the morning I just combined the lentils and the vegetables and added the “Turboscharfes Gewürz” by Just Spices, the avocado cubes, a bit of salt, some lemon juice and olive oil and the sprouts with the nuts. Tadaaa. Done. What a quick and simple way to have a healthy lunch, that is full of vitamines and protein :-)

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