Back in the skies

Yesss! Today was the day! Due to the sunny weather we organized jumping on the DZ even though there are still some weeks until the official season starts. Ok, it was freezing cold up in 4000 m (-20 °C) and after opening the chute I had the feeling my fingers have been cut off (which... Continue Reading →

Vegan beetroot soup

It might sound funny, but unless many other kids I've always loved beetroot. Especially as salad, which was on the table pretty often during winter times, because my mum learned us what to eat when and beetroot simply is a winter vegetable. In my opinion, beetroot is definitely underestimated - you can cook some many... Continue Reading →

New in: Thermos jar for food

In my new office there is a restaurant, but unfortunately there is no microwave. I know that they are cooking with a lot of convenience products and therefore I don't want to eat there everyday. And how can I get warm food for lunch too? The thermo pot is the solution. After an intense Amazon... Continue Reading →

Hurry hurry hurry

It's Sunday (Valentine's day oh yeah) and I am cuddling up in my bed - in the middle of a chaos consisting of cooking supplies, dishes, pots, glasses and wine bottles. Yes - my new kitchen is there. Monday evening the owner of my flat called me and told me that we have to build... Continue Reading →

How to stick to your eating concept

Whenever and for whatever reason you have to change your eating habits, it's going to be a little struggle. You'll miss some of your favourites, you have to think more about what to buy and what to cook and sometimes, just because you're used to it, you will crave for something. Whatever your diet or... Continue Reading →

Spicy vegan lentil salad

So this was my first week in the new job. Actually there was a little culture shock after my time in Vienna and one part of it was the cafeteria. I only had a company restaurant at Trotec and it was more an opportunity to order food instead of a real cafeteria. Well, at Engel... Continue Reading →

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