Surprise, Surprise, January (look back)

There are these months, where you think everything’s clear and then it turns out that life has it’s own plan. My January 2016 was one of these times, but in good AND bad ways.

After this bumpy start in Vienna I initially wanted to just get the things done that had to be done and leave as fast as possible. But then everything calmed down. M seemed to relax and think about what I said and wrote to him. We never talked about the stuff again. But somehow the whole situation cleared up as grey skies do after a big thunderstorm. Both of us seemed to realize some mistakes and we were different. It was a careful approach. Actually we spent some great time together, including cool flying and an awesome dinner with a great steak. This night out was a good change to the daily routines and so good for body and soul (haha of course 1kg of meat is good for the body :D). We opened slowly a little bit more and could enjoy quality time. I felt welcome and that again was good for body and soul.

During the last weeks I had time to squeeze in some skiing days and other activities, since I didn’t have time for a real holiday. The owner of my flat bought a new kitchen together with me and I hope to get it until middle of February. A dishwasher! Holy shit! I am so happy that the time of hand cleaning the dishes is over!

I finished the most urgent work tasks and had the chance to hand the business over to a new marketing lady. That was a good feeling and when I left the tunnel for the last time as staff member last Thursday, one eye cried and one eye was looking into the future already. But the general manager left a super nice message on my fb wall and so it was a good feeling to leave that way and not to be glad that it’s over.

I spent almost the whole next day in Vienna (strange that me, the big Vienna hater stays there without having to ;)) and when I was home, I started to realize that my new life starts soon. I already got the first instructions for my first working day and I slowly I get excited.

Yesterday started awesome, but yeah bad surprises happen too. I was skiing with some guys of my skydiving club and it was a sunny, great day. Until the moment when I waited in front of the skiing lift and a stupid asshole (yes I don’t know any other word) crashed into me. He pushed me to a little kid, which fell onto my left knee in a bad way. Not that that guy waited one second! He just went on. I took the lift after getting up and taking a deep breath. But after some turns it was clear that the day was over for me. Every pressure that was not straight above the ski hurt me and I couldn’t control the turns anymore. After a break in the skiing hat I tried to ride down to the valley, but I had to accept that there was no way to get down properly and finally chose the transport via rescue sleigh and skiing ambulance. It didn’t hurt too much when moving straight and and it wasn’t swollen when I came home in the evening. I tried to sleep, but it got worse and so I started to worry that one of my bands could be ripped. Soooo…. hospital again.

The doc there made some mechanical tests and said, ok nothing ripped, only heavily stretched. I was told to take painkillers, relax, no sports and to wear my old support stuff from my other knee for the next days of walking. Great. Wonderful. And everything because of a stupid guy who was ignorant. Not the way I wanted to start my new job tomorrow….

Yeah new job, new life. My main focus in February will be getting my knee working again and rearrange my whole life with the new job. It will be interesting how the thing with M will go on or if it goes on at all. I wish it will. But I try to let it flow and concentrate more on my new job, which is the most important thing now. Let’s get the party started!



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